About us

Válvulas Worcester de México S.A. de C.V. is a 100% Mexican company with more than 56 years of experience in the manufacture of floating ball valves, trunnion mounted valves (trunnion) and butterfly valves, offering a wide variety of designs depending on their application and whose operation can be manually or automated. In addition to a wide variety of complementary accessories that respond to the needs of the market.

Our infrastructure and vast experience in the market allow us to generate high quality valves, providing excellent after-sales service, maintaining high production levels as well as offering immediate attention to meet the needs of each of our customers due to our large inventories.

The success of Válvulas Worcester de México is definitely linked to our workforce, who is always one step ahead improving our designs and innovating to improve the performance of our products: likewise, exploring new opportunities in the different markets for the development of new business partners, always keeping in mind the continuous improvement of our processes.

Our added value guarantees optimized production costs and competitive international prices, as well as the distinction for the continuous existence of more than 50,000 valves and accessories in stock to satisfy orders with immediacy.

Leaders of the Mexican market and always recognized for the high quality of our products.

Strategic business alliances allow us to integrate butterfly valves, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical actuators, and other accessories necessary for valve automation.

As a result, the added value guarantees us optimized production costs and internationally competitive prices as well as the distinction for our continued existence of more than 50,000 valves and accessories in stock to fulfill orders immediately.

Worcester was founded in 1963, we have more than 56 years maintaining quality in its Valves and innovations in design and manufacturing trends. Recognized for the high quality of its products and service.

Maintaining the quality in your Valves and innovations.