TECHNICAL DATA (Seat materials)


The Following information for applications  shoud be used together with the Pressure vs. Temperature rating and corrosion chart.

B-BUNA. ( also Known as Nitrile), it is specified to work at 300 psi from -22ºF a 176ºF. It is excellent for petroleum products. The material is IPC No. W-29-1, Black in color, and may have one red dot.

T-PTFE. Made of PTFE virgin, it is specified to work at 1000 psi from  -49ºF a 399ºF. It is the most common sealing material and is  excellent for almost all fluids. PTFE has excellent Chemical resistance and is White in color.

R-PTFE. It is specified to work at 1500 psi from -49ºF a 446ºF. These seats are made from glass and reinforced PTFE. These seats are harder than virgin PTFE and have higher pressure-temperature ratings. Chemical resistance is the same as virgin Teflon (except for hot Strong caustics). These seats come in blue in order to distinguish them.

M-MULTIFIL. Made of PTFE filled with glas, carbon and graphite, it is specified to work at 1500 psi from -248ºF a 500ºF.  It also has larger life cycle than other materials. These seats are grayish brown color.

Y-DELRHIN  (LUBETAL). It is a material for high pressures, specified to work up to 6000 psi. The temperature range is from -67ºF to 180ºF. This material should not be used for oxygen services. It is made of “DuPont Acetal Homopolymer” and filled with PTFE and glass fiber. Its color is “bone-white”.

U-UHMWPE. ( Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene ) It is specified to work at 1500 psi from-67ºF a 194ºF. The material is Hercules UMV 1900 or similar. It can be used for low to medium radiation services and in application where fluorocarbons can not be tolerated. Good in abrasión resistance. Its color is “bone-white” translucent.


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