P-PEEK. ( Poly Ether Ketone ), It has good capacity for working at high pressures and temperature, specified to work at 6000 psi from -67ºF a 599ºF. It has an excellent resistance to abrasion and it is chemically resistant to most of the fluids except for sulfuric ones and highly oxidizing acids and halons. Its color is Black.


I-INOX. Made of virgin PTFE and stainless steel resin. These seats have very good capacity for working at high pressures and temperatures. It is specified to work at 3000 psi from -320ºF to 662ºF. It is an excellent material for seats in steam applications and termal fluids (hot oil) and it is a good material for difficult applications. It also has a larger life cycle than other materials and a very good resistance to abrasion.


D-DEVLON “V”. API Grade. This material is one of the strongest and most resistant to abrasion termoplastic. It is manufactured by casting monomer and recommended for applications up to 6250 psi and up to 392 ºF.




B-BUNA. These seals have good performance on high pressure service. Operational temperature range is -400ºF to 248ºF. This material is the best elastomer for petroleum service. It is used in high pressure applications as well as DELRHIN seats. The material is Presicion 7657 or similar and comes in black color.


V-VITON. (Fluorocarbon Rubber). These seals are excellent at all rated pressures with a range of-22ºF to 401ºF. Viton is the best elastomer for high temperature applications, but it should not be used for steam. They are made from presicion 16209 material or equivalent.


T-PTFE. Are excellent seals for pressures below 1500 psi at temperatures from -20ºF to 400ºF. It is not recommended to use them for thermal cycles higher than 194ºF. They are not reusable and come in white color.


U-UHMWPE. ( Ultra Molecular High Weight Polyrthylene ) It is specified to work from -67ºF to 194ºF. It is made from Hercules UMW 1900 material or similar. It can be used in low radiation services and in applications where fluorocarbon are no tolerated. They are very good in resistance to abrasion. Its color is “bone-white” translucent.


G-GRAFOIL. Packing made of graphite tape. Its range of operating temperature is from -67ºF to 995ºF. in almost all fluids. This material is used for body and stem seals on all the WORCESTER® / RHINO VALVES WORLDWIDE®   type “Fire safe”. It comes in metallic gray. 


WORCESTER® / RHINO VALVES WORLDWIDE®  we also have repair kits available for ball valves.

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