The design of  WORCESTER® / RHINO VALVES WORLDWIDE®´s  Floating ball valves in sizes from 1/2” to 10” assures pressure transmition of the fluid from any direction to the floating ball. The ball will be pushed against the second support SEAT generating a hermetic seal at high pressures. The elastic seats with relief spots patented by WORCESTER® / RHINO VALVES WORLDWIDE®  allow to relieve the pressure from the Downstream seat against the ball, leading to allow torque, a long life and a soft operation even at nightly varying pressures. Besides, the seats clean the ball from stick materials wich assures a better sealing.



The Simplicity of installing and maintining the valve makes it ideal for a variety of applications in the Chemicals industry, the production of Gas and Petroleum, Refinement and Transformation, Textiles, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceutics, Food and Beverages, and Treatment of Water, among others.



WORCESTER® / RHINO VALVES WORLDWIDE® ´s  self-adjusting stem in  in sizes from 1/2” a 10”, has been design Blow-Out Prof. For along life without leakage (avoiding expulsión of the stem due to pressurization in the valve). The stem is inserted from the inside through the cavity of the body, which assures its correct position in the interior. An additional seal in the upper part of the body is maintained in its correct position by a separador, two Belleville washer, and a stem nut; the latter allows quick adjustment of the seal in the process line. The Belleville washers respond to mechanical and termal deformations providing an automatic adjustment in order to compensate the pressure in the seal.



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